Follow-Ups: 03-04-05

by March 4, 2005

Follow up for Single Screen Web Application Flows

Earthlink Tests Flash Based Web Mail

Earthlink Enhanced Webmail is a single page rich Internet application that eliminates the need to click back and forth between pages, and having to refresh pages between tasks or preference changes.

Follow up for Understanding the Problem

Solve the Real Problem (a developer’s perspective)

One of the biggest reasons for software failures is not understanding what problem you really need to solve: the customer's problem.

Follow up for Yahoo, it's Google!

The UnGoogle (Yes, Yahoo!)

Which Web powerhouse was started by two Stanford geeks as a simple search page with a silly name and became the biggest thing on the Internet? Nope, not them. Try again. The invisible giant turns 10.

Follow up for Common Icon Representations

AIGA - Symbol signs

Set of 50 universal passenger/pedestrian symbols. (thanks Patrick)