Web Form Design Video Course

by December 8, 2011

It’s been three years since I wrote my book on Web Form Design. Since then I’ve researched, tested, and designed lots more ways to optimize Web forms -with a particular emphasis on mobile devices. This new material along with the foundational best practices in my book are now available as a complete video course from lynda.com.

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What’s Inside

In the course, I cover the fundamentals of Web form design like organization, layout, input fields, labels, inline validation, errors, and more. I also walk through which design decisions are likely to boost conversion rates and which ones are not. Wherever possible, I back up these design considerations with data from research and online testing.

Where appropriate, I also outline unique considerations for mobile devices that force us to rethink or further emphasize Web form design best practices developed for the desktop experience.

Since writing Web Form Design I’ve gotten lots of questions on topics not covered in the book and followed up with additional articles, studies, and presentations that address these issues. I included all this new material in the video course.

The course also outlines different ways to gather input that can enable you to get rid of Web forms altogether! From new technical capabilities in mobile devices to Web services and communication tools, there’s lots of ways to get the information you need without requiring people to complete a traditional Web form.

For even more on what’s in the course, check out the complete outline.