Data Monday: Apple's Post-PC Data

by June 6, 2011

At the June 2011 WWDC keynote, Apple CEO Steve Jobs shared recent numbers on Apple's "post-PC" sales and market share. Here's just the data from his presentation:

  • Mac sales are almost 3/4 notebooks at this point, far outpacing desktop sales.
  • Year-over-year, the PC has shrunk 1%, while the Mac has grown 28%, and out-grown the industry every quarter for the last five years.
  • Apple now has over 54 million Mac users around the world.
  • The Mac App Store is now the #1 channel for buying PC software. It's ahead of Best Buy, Walmart, and Office Depot
  • Apple has sold over 200 million iOS devices. That makes iOS the number one mobile operating system, with more than 44% of the market.
  • More than 25 million iPads have been sold since the original launch 14 months ago.
  • More than 15 billion songs have been sold through the iTunes Music Store, making it the #1 retailer of music in the world.
  • The iBookstore has moved 130 million book downloads.
  • 90,000 apps have been built specifically for the iPad.
  • More than 14 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store.
  • Apple has paid out more than $2.5 billion to iOS developers.
  • Apple has more than 225 million accounts "all with credit cards and one-click purchasing."
  • Nearly 2 / 3 of all mobile web browsing is done through Safari.
  • iOS is the most popular gaming platform on the planet. There are more than 100,000 game and entertainment titles in the App Store.
  • In just 9 months Apple has 50 million Game Center users. To put that into perspective Xbox Live has been around for about eight years and they have around 30 million users.