The Value of Design

by December 3, 2004

Amidst travel, I’ve been soaking up a few studies, articles, and blurbs lauding the value of design:

“Vividence found a direct correlation between the customer experience online and conversion and purchase impact rates, as measured by the Vividence Purchase Impact Index.” -Vividence Study the First to Weigh Impact of Customer Experience on Performance of Top Online Retailers

“Samsung has managed to inject the importance of design into its corporate DNA. In this era of cutthroat competition, that may be just what it takes to create a lasting advantage. ‘Good design is the most important way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors’ says Samsung CEO Yun Jong Yong.” –Samsung Design, BusinessWeek

“Among rapidly growing businesses, 71% said that design, innovation and creativity were 'integral to the firm's operation' or 'had a significant role to play', compared to the national average of 34%. In sharp contrast, 67% of companies which hadn't grown in the previous year hadn't conducted any design activity.” –Design Council, UK

“Design is the easiest way to reenergize a product.” –Fast Company Fast Forward 2005