Audio: Designing Mobile Web Experiences

by May 10, 2011

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Jared Spool on the UIE podcast series about designing mobile Web experiences: why we should care about mobile and how designing for it requires a different set of design considerations and best practices.

Luke Wroblewski – Designing Mobile Web Experiences


The surge in mobile technology is incredible. Manufacturers ship over a million touchscreen phones every day. These devices allow people to interact with the web in new ways. Users generally need something the can easily operate with “one thumb, one eyeball”. When they access your application or website, what kind of experience are you delivering? Are you risking frustrating your users?

Luke Wroblewski, the former Chief Design Architect for Yahoo! and founder of Bagcheck, is at the forefront of the “mobile first” approach. Streamlining your design for mobile helps you focus on what is absolutely necessary. In this podcast, Luke joins Jared Spool in a discussion about designing mobile experiences... tune in for the details.