Event & Discount: Web App Masters Tour, Philadelphia

by March 2, 2011

Web App Masters Tour

On March 22nd 2011 I’ll be speaking at the UIE Web App Masters Tour in Philadelphia, PA about Designing Mobile Web Experiences. This year's Web App Masters Tour has a strong mobile focus and in my presentation, I'll dive into design best practices for mobile Web organization/IA, inputs, actions, and layout, and more.

If you are interested in going, feel free to use the discount code: WAMT11 for $100 savings on the event cost.

Official Description

Each day, device manufacturers ship more than a million touch-screen phones that enable new ways for people to interact with the Web. But when they get to your Web site or application –what kind of experience will people with these devices have? Will they be delighted by your mobile Web experience or frustrated?

In this presentation on Web design best practices for mobile devices, Luke will detail how to think about and design for Web organization, actions, inputs, and layout on mobile. Through lots of examples, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use “content first/navigate second” organizational structures optimized for small screens and mobile use cases.
  • Design for increasingly prevalent touch interactions with appropriate targets and gestures.
  • Construct forms and input fields to make input on mobile easier and more pervasive.
  • Manage layouts across multiple devices with ruthless editing, device experiences, and responsive/flexible designs.
  • And more...

Armed with these design best practices and principles, you can make sure people have a great mobile Web experience whenever they visit your site.

Hope to see some of you there!