Data Monday: Apple Mac

by October 24, 2010

At the October 2010 Apple special event, Steve Jobs shared recent numbers on Apple's Mac sales and market share. Here's just the data from his presentation.

  • The Mac made up 33% (22B) of Apple's revenue last year. (source)
  • There were 13.7 million Macs sold in FY 2010. This is 3x what Apple did five years ago. (source)
  • Apple's Mac install base is 50m users worldwide. (source)
  • Last quarter the Max grew 2.5x. It has outgrown the market for 18 quarters in a row. (source)
  • The Mac share in retail was over 20% -- that's one in 5 PCs that are sold in retail. (source)
  • Apple has 600k registered Mac devs. They're growing at 30k per month. (source)
  • Apple's stores welcomed 75m visitors last year. They sold 2.8m Macs. And about 50% of those are new to the Mac. (source)
  • On a semi-related note, 60% of Appleā€™s sales are from products that did not exist three years ago. (source).