Data Monday: Netflix on Networked Devices

by September 6, 2010

Last year I wrote about the impeding proliferation of networked consumer devices platforms and the ability for Web applications to reach customers on gaming consoles, smart phones, media players, networked TVs, tablets and more. Today, a few companies are embracing a multi-device strategy and reaping the benefits. Companies like Netflix...

Netflix logo

42% of Netflix's 15 million subscribers streamed at least 15 minutes of one TV episode or movie during the third quarter of 2009. That is a 145% increase compared to last year. Expect these numbers to rise as Netflix's movie and TV video streaming service across many different networked devices including:

  • Laptop: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (source)
  • Laptop: Firefox 2 or higher (source)
  • Laptop: Safari 3 or higher (source)
  • Tablet: Apple iPad (source)
  • Smart phone: Apple iPhone (source)
  • Smart phone: Google Android coming soon (source)
  • Game Console: Nintendo Wii (source)
  • Game Console: Xbox 360 (source)
  • Game Console: Sony PS3 (source)
  • Connected TV: LG HDTVs with NetCast Broadband (source)
  • Connected TV: Sanyo LED HDTV (source)
  • Connected TV: Sony BRAVIA LCD HDTVs (source)
  • Connected TV: VIZIO XVT Series HDTVs (source)
  • Connected TV: Panasonic Viera TVs (source)
  • Streaming Player: Apple TV (source)
  • Streaming Player: Roku (source)
  • Streaming Player: Seagate FreeAgent Theater (source)
  • Streaming Player: WD TV Live Plus (source)
  • Digital Video Recorder: TiVo Digital Video Recorder (source)
  • Connected Blu-Ray Player: Insignia Connected Blu-Ray Player (source)
  • Connected Blu-Ray Player: LG Network Blu-ray Players (source)
  • Connected Blu-Ray Player: Panasonic Networking Blu-Ray Player (source)
  • Connected Blu-Ray Player: Philips Netflix ready Blu-ray Player (source)
  • Connected Blu-Ray Player: Pioneer Internet Connected Blu-ray Player (source)
  • Connected Blu-Ray Player: Samsung Network Blu-ray Players (source)
  • Connected Blu-Ray Player: Sony Network Blu-ray Disc player (source)
  • Connected Blu-Ray Player: Toshiba Blu-ray players (source)
  • Connected Blu-Ray Player: Yamaha Networking Blu-ray Disc Player (source)
  • Connected Blu-Ray Player: VIZIO Blu-ray Player with Internet Apps (source)

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