Apple's Music, Media, & Mobile Sales

by September 1, 2010

At the Apple media event this morning in San Francisco, Steve Jobs shared some impressive numbers about Apple's sales and market share in mobile, music, games, and more. When you compare these numbers to last year, things really look good for Apple.

  • 120 million iOS devices have shipped since Apple launched the first iPhone. (source)
  • Apple activating 230,000 iOS devices a day (not counting upgrades). (source)
  • Over 6.5 billion iOS apps have been downloaded to date. Over 200 iOS apps are downloaded every second. (source)
  • There are over 250,000 iOS apps, and 25,000 of them are iPad apps. (source)
  • Apple has sold a total of 275 million iPods. (source)
  • The iPod touch is the #1 portable game player in the world and the most popular iPod. iPod touch outsells Nintendo and Sony portables combined. It has over 50% market share of portable gaming worldwide. Over a billion and a half games and entertainment downloads have been made happened on the iPod touch alone. (source)
  • People have downloaded 11.7 billion songs from iTunes. Over 450 million TV episodes. 100 million movies, and 35 million books.(source)
  • ITunes has 160 million accounts with credit cards and 1-click. It's the number one online media store in the world. (source)