Data Monday: Networked Device Growth

by August 30, 2010

Back in April, I took a look at how the number of networked devices (mobiles, e-readers, tablets, game consoles, and more) used by consumers continues was growing. Here are a few more up to date projections.

  • Sometime this month, the 5 billionth device will plug into the Internet. And in 10 years, that number will grow by more than a factor of four. (source).
  • Today, there are over 1 billion computers that regularly connect to the Internet. That class of devices, including PCs and laptops and their associated networking gear, continues to grow. (source).
  • In 10 years, there will be 6 billion cell phones, most of them with Internet connectivity. An estimated 2.5 billion televisions today will largely be replaced by TV sets that are Internet capable, either directly or through a set-top box. More and more of the world’s one billion automobiles will be replaced by newer models with integrated Internet access. (source).
  • Ericsson estimates that there’s more than five billion mobile subscriptions worldwide using nearly 225,000 terabytes of data a month as of the second quarter of 2010. (source).
  • Mobile data traffic for Ericsson tripled over the past year and is growing 10 times faster than voice. (source).