Data Monday: Usage of Mobile Devices

by March 15, 2010

It's clear that usage of mobile devices is growing at a furious pace. But what are people doing with their mobile devices (in the US) and when? Here's some recent statistics that attempt to answer these questions.

  • 63.5% of U.S. mobile subscribers use text messaging on their mobile device. (source)
  • 28.6% of U.S. mobile subscribers use the Web browser on their mobile phones. (source)
  • 21.7% of U.S. mobile subscribers played games on their mobile phones. (source)
  • 17.1% of U.S. mobile subscribers access social networking sites or blogs on their mobile phones. (source)
  • 74% of smartphone owners are using their device primarily for personal (not business) reasons. (source)
  • 45% of iPhone owners said 76-100% of their time on the device was for personal use. (source)
  • Apple iPhone owners use their apps much more on nights and weekends rather than during the weekday. Weekday usage peaks at 9 PM local time with Tuesday being the busiest weeknight. (source)
  • Smartphone users spend the most time on their devices when at home, during miscellaneous downtime during the day, and while waiting in line. (source)