Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Mobile First

by February 18, 2010

A while ago, I outlined three reasons why Web applications should be designed for mobile first. More often than not, the mobile experience for a Web application or site is designed and built after the PC version is complete. This needs to be reversed.

In his Mobile World Congress keynote address, Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently outlined a similar philosophy:

In Schmidt's view, the current mobile ecosystem and its future incarnation are the result of three intertwining factors: computing power, connectivity and cloud computing. The mobile phone is the high-volume end point of these trends, it becomes the defining product in that space. This led to his belief in the "mobile first" doctrine, as Google programmers are doing work on mobile applications and technology first, because "mobile apps are better apps" and that's what top programmers want to develop.

Guess I can now add "excited programers" to the list of reasons to design mobile first!